Standby, ready, Light cue go!: Ballet San Jose principal dancer, Alexsandra Meijer, calls the Summer Intensive Show.

It’s always interesting to learn another part of the process of putting on a show! Good job Ali!

In Studio with Silicon Valley Ballet

Although it may seem intimidating, it is all about the process. And at the end of it all, "Houselights restored" means that we have survived! Job well done principal ballerina, Alexsandra Meijer. Although it may seem intimidating, it is all about the process. And at the end of it all, “Houselights restored” means that we have survived! Job well done principal ballerina, Alexsandra Meijer.

"Standby two minutes to curtain," "Places dancers," "House lights to half," "Light cue 0.7 go." These were just some of the lines on the four page cue sheet of the stage manager at the top of the show during the 2015 Summer Intensive Showcase on July 31. Over the headset, Alexsandra Meijer, Silicon Valley Ballet Principal Dancer and newly minted stage manager, called these cues to her fellow stagehands. Since she joined Silicon Valley Ballet in 2001, Meijer has been fascinated by the person who “calls the show” from behind the scenes, and last Friday she had the opportunity to experience the job firsthand. Meijer did extensive research in preparation for this event. She talked about combing stage…

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Watch “Currencies” on YouTube


This is a film that my former boss at Ballet San Jose made as part of a class at De Anza College.  It speaks to the problems that the performing arts companies have at fund raising.
People who work in the arts do work for a different currency which is the joy of presenting a production for others to enjoy. It takes much more money than ticket sales to support a theater or ballet company.

End of the Season

The season has come to an end and it’s always sad to see the dancers who will not be returning next season.

Beth Ann Namey will no longer be dancing with the company after 15 seasons and Ramon Moreno  is  also retiring from the company after 14 seasons.  Their dancing on stage will truly missed.   This is a picture of the two of them during the Tribute for Karen Gabay at the end of  last season doing her piece called 2-2 Tango.

Beth Ann Namey and Ramon Moreno in Karen Gabey ' s 2 2 Tango.  Beth Ann and Ramon are both retiring this weekend from Ballet San Jose.  They will be missed in the studios and on stage!  May 2014

Other people leaving the company this year are Jeremy Kovitch and Damir Emric both who have been with the company almost as long as I have (I started working in the costume shop in  September 2004).   Thomas Baker is moving  back to Portland to dance with Oregon  Ballet Theater again, Katie Meeusen is moving to Columbus to dance with  Ballet Met.  Mariya Oishi is continuing her college education, which she started while dancing. Brianna Olson will be missed with her dancing and smile.   There may be a few more that will move on to other opportunities before next season starts.  You’ll all be missed and merde for the next adventure to come!

The year finished on a high note for me.  Jacquie thanked me for  my  hard work and getting the shoes up to  date and in order by the end of the season.  There had been many concerns expressed to the union through the year and by the time they reached negotiations for next season those concerns seem to have gone away.  I must say as with all solutions it is a group effort, there were Board Members who came up with money to help with some of the shoe debts so we could order from some vendors again.  The dancers were very understanding once they knew what the problem was and were so patient with me and the process.  When I said I was as frustrated as them that I couldn’t get their shoes fast enough I meant it and it must of shown.  I must say the Jacquie has been a great support system for me with her knowledge about shoes, I’m not sure what I would have done without her and my boss Bob who gets to listen to me rant at times, but mostly allows me to tease him to help with the stress.

For next year I hope to get the e-.bay shop  up and going to sell our overstocked shoes.  And somehow  also to not have to many left over shoes from now on!  Though Ray bringing in two paper boxes of his shoes isn’t helping with that!  At least they are flat shoes which I hope are easier to sell. 

The Shoe Room will be closed most of the summer.  I do like my summers off, though I will be working at  PresRep Theater camp and  working the Performance camp at the Ballet San Jose School, for one week in June and another in August. So I’m really not off but I don’t have to be at work 9-5:30, which is a BIG BONUS for me.



Traveling to Pick up Shoes!

Off to Portland today. Not really to pick up shoes at The Leotard for Thomas but to visit friends and meet my  brother down from Anchorage to watch some of his young fencers in a tournament.
Ballet San Jose’s season is coming to an end with painted and special shoes again. This has been the year of special shoes!
The third and final program of the year is approaching Carmen and Twyla Tharpe ‘ s In the Upper Room.  Again we Ave painted pointe shoes for both programs and special shoes for In the Upper Room. Pointe shoes need to be Red for the Bombers for In the Upper Room and the Stompers wear Princess athletic shoes by Reebok. Challenge was finding shoes for the boys that were similar and light weight.
The season will be at the end and I can wrap up the shoes stuff for a month or two. Looking forward to next season hopefully with a few less specialty shoes!

Dancer Spotlight: Nathan Chaney

In Studio with Silicon Valley Ballet

Ballet San Jose sits down with our newest company member, principal dancer Nathan Chaney. This season is Nathan’s first with Ballet San Jose. In this interview, Nathan speaks about his dance background, what inspires him, his advice for aspiring professionals, and his views about dancing with Ballet San Jose.

Nathan Chaney is Ballet San Jose's newest Principal Dancer. See him perform May 9-11 in Masterworks of Movement and Theatre Nathan Chaney is Ballet San Jose’s newest Principal Dancer. See him perform next May 9-11, 2014 in Masterworks of Movement and Theatre.

Tell us about your dance background before you came to Ballet San Jose.

I started training on a professional level when I was 13 in South Florida. While there, I moved in with Magaly Suarez, the former teacher of many Cuban stars. Then at age 14, I went to Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington D. C. for two years under the training of a Ukrainian named Anatoli Kucheruk. When I was 17, I moved to St. Petersburg…

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